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This condition though, may also indicate mental disorders of some kind. When Neptune in the 6th house is only well-aspected, it can indicate a spiritual healer. He is meant to heal other people, and this can become a life goal. There is a possibility that such a person will not care about anything else, and will dedicate himself to serve humanity selflessly. Of course, such a life can be very hard; there will be a relinquishment of most other things and priorities. In case that someone is on the verge of choosing such a road, he should reconsider all the options, and definitely stay out of sects and spiritual groups.

Yet, the most possible thing is that they will vampirize on his money, personal time and not anymore free will. Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in. In order to find out where they are located in your natal chart, you can use our free birth chart generator.

Also, examine the aspects that they form with other planets in your chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that they have in your horoscope. Do not forget to like our Facebook Page and join our Astrology Community Facebook Group , where you can take part in conversations and vote about next articles to be written!

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Natal Neptune in the 6th House

I will note… Aspects and other chart placements matter. I do make lists though Mercury in Virgo Even with Transiting Neptune activating a grand Square in my chart for nearly a year!!! This doom and gloom perspective is not helping those of us with Neptune in the 6th!!! We have to hear the balanced wider perspective. Telling us we should not be relied on by employers???!! To Anyone reading this with Neptune in 6th- you are spiritually attuned. YOU are a receiver. You ARE highly sensitive in terms of how you receive energy into your body and auric field.

You must be sure to take periods of isolation from others to cleanse your body of energetic toxins. Eat VERY clean unprocessed foods and detox and get colonics when you are not eating clean. Disappointing analysis. Some of your other readings have been v. Neptune in 6th House is good for someone in Arts or Creativity business — specifically good for Visual Arts.

When I worked in Fashion as a stylist, on set I would go into a trance to create ideas out of the blue, everyone would ask me after, how did you do that? This placement is also good for the person on a Spiritual Mission. Lightworkers of all kinds have similar placement. The reason their day is chaotic is because they are meant to go with the flow of the Divine. I use this energy to stay productive. Of course, if in India or places where people try to take advantage of you by selling fake religion, be very wary.

But if you are on a specific spiritual mission and following your own independent unique path, then this Neptune creates magic in your life. Everything else just made me miserable or was difficult. When I use my Neptune for work as an Artist, my life falls into place. Thanks for your comment NeptunGoldenGirl!

I have neptun retrograde in sag. I also use moon cycles and am starting to meditate and I think this is huge help! Also I realized interestimng thing: when I awas a kid I had serious problem with Tyriod — i was supposed to have an operation and it was life tratening situation — but a bioenergothrapist who was very religious neptun healed me within 1 month!

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Greetings to all Neptuns in 6th house ppl! Yeah, thank you for input. Reading that was kind of heart pounding and anxiety inducing. I have Neptune and Saturn placed in the 6th and … I guess it just made me more fearful. By reading your comment, I felt a lot better. Thank you. Very Helpful! Thank You! Natal Neptune in the 6th House. About Latest Posts. Xaos is the author of all astrological articles available on The Astro Codex. Natal Neptune in the 6th House was last modified: March 14th, by Xaos.

Share Pin But no-shit!! I'm blessed with the trine from Scorpio Jupiter 8th hse to my Mercury conj. I express all the Pisces thru healing, listening, helping wherever I'm drawn. I raised my many siblings and my own 2 stellar children by my self as a single parent. I write; I photograph; I was born into the Broadway theatre - my parents were actors in all the musical hits of the "Golden Age Of Broadway", so that was a good training ground for a multiple Pisces!! I'm a writer, a photographer, etc My data is: Feb.

Thanks for sharing your Pisces experiences, Lucinda. I enjoy hearing real life stories of the planets and aspects in a natal chart. Normally, I'm studying abstract charts or charts of famous people with biographies in mind. However, it's a blessing when someone contacts me with real life experiences based on his or her chart.

I imagine Broadway is 5th House, but with the dance and singing, there is the Pisces influence. Neptune in 10 conjunct sag midheaven. Im a published songwriter, very intuitive tarot reader and artist, fashion designer. Though ive had success i think ive had the issue of enjoying my privacy so much that it may be hindering my success. I like laying low but it doesn't match lifestyle or career path. Im also born on the 16th 7 day ruled by neptune which makes me enjoy privacy. However i have learned that working alone gives me much power and greater creative and psychic ability.

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Learning when to come out into the open is important to my success. You must have been born between and to have Neptune in Sagittarius. That is an expansive sign for a Neptune transit. Sagittarius is also a lucky or fortunate sign so you could have huge success, as long as you bring in practical Virgo energy into the mix. Neptune is definitely a player in your life. Saturday, November 24, R u a Neptune Type?

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Photo by Patricia Herlevi I actually planned to write a post about Saturn, the ruler of my natal chart, but Neptune woke me up last night. Then for around two or three hours, my head buzzed with information about Neptune types. Who exactly are the Neptune people?

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Do they resemble aliens, call themselves Indigo and act like they're more special than everyone else? Some do if they get caught in illusions, delusions of glamour. But in reality, Neptune types either have one of the following traits in their charts, or multiple traits involving Neptune, Pisces, or the Twelfth House. You are a Neptune type if you have your natal Sun, Moon or Ascension in Pisces, if you have Pisces on the cusps of an angular house 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th houses that would include having a Pisces Ascension, you have Sun, Moon, or Neptune in an angular house in Pisces or the Sun, Neptune, or Moon in your Twelfth House.

Other things to consider is if you have a stellium or cluster of planets in Pisces which doesn't include the Moon or Sun or it can. Anyone born now with Neptune in Pisces and until the end of this transit is a member of a Neptune Type generation despite where their other planets appear in their charts.

While I cannot go over every possible situation in this short post, we will look at Pisces on the cusps of angular houses, Pisces Moon, Sun, and Neptune in Pisces. Since Neptune transits last over a decade, the only people now with Neptune in Pisces are the ones born at this time, referred to as Crystal and Rainbow Children, and hopefully, not the lost generation, which is a possibility too. Okay, so they resemble human beings, but they have a faraway look in their eyes as if they rose out of the sea.

They seem fragile, vulnerable and delicate to others and might even suffer from extreme sensitivities or at least imagine that they do. They have to work at building confidence in themselves because this doesn't come easy and when life grows difficult, they look for the escape hatch, appearing to swim in two different directions. Or their souls transcend from their bodies and it appears that nobody is home. On the plus side, they came to the planet bearing numerous spiritual and artistic gifts if only they could ground themselves.

Even the ones who seem cold and detached and brimming over with compassion--just look into their Piscean orbs and you'll met their hearts or they will melt yours. But don't fall for their victim trap.

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These folks might seem vulnerable and helpless, but have you ever seen rapids on a river or a tempest at sea? Their ruler is Neptune, a bit fishy and slippery at times, but powerful nonetheless. Don't let these folks whip any storms dramas in your life. The real glamour is on the stage not off of it, and not playing the role of cheap drama. If you can't play at Elizabeth Taylor than settle for Mother Theresa and serve the world. That's what Neptune Types choose to do anyway. Photo by Patricia Herlevi Pisces in the Fourth House or Neptune in the Fourth House If home is where the heart is, than these types can make their home anywhere in the world, and often do.

Travelers, nomads, musicians, filmmakers, wandering healers, troubadours, and vagabonds all fit here. If they choose not to travel or live in a cloistered spiritual environment monastery, convent, temple , they turn their home into a shrine. If they're not religious then they'll have lots of little furry creatures running around their home and adopt a stray is their daily motto. They might have a big screen television to watch world cinema or Hollywood classics, and if they're not the television type, then you will find an altar in the corner full of items and icons from a variety of religions and spiritual practices.

Or they might have a music room full of exotic instruments and an aquarium in the background. They might spend time alone in their home or entertain friends with glamorous parties where the who is who shows up. You'll find both hermits and socialites in this home. Pisces in the Seventh House or Neptune in the Seventh House The urge to merge is the motto of these types, but they tend to live more in a fantasy world when it comes to one-on-one relationships. Or maybe they swim in two different directions, "yes, I want a relationship with you, but no, I don't.

A healthy relationship with this type would involve some type of shared spiritual practice such as yoga or meditation or even singing together.

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This couple watches movies together or attends concerts or on the downside, they might escape through addiction, dragging each other down with them. Eventually, for some of these types reality bites and the delusion of glamour ends with a thud and a crash. The urge to merge ends in bitterness and avoidance unless the Piscean type gets grounded and faces the realities of a one-on-one relationship.

Instead of the urge to merge, they adopt the urge to evolve. Eventually, he or she meets a more balanced partner while also finding a balance in the relationship between togetherness and independence. Bobbsy twins are a bore anyway. Invisible is the key phrase here, invisible to employers, your community, and society at large. While Steven Forrest delegates Cancerians to the role of the invisible man or woman, I can assure you that the true invisible people have Neptune in their Tenth House or their Sun in the Twelth House.