Vedic astrology jupiter in aries

You will be lucky as this transit shows happiness, relaxation, romance and children. It will be a fun filled and useful time, as you will explore a creative outlet, and find new methods to balance ambition and downtime. You will get some happy news about children, or you may help a child or grandchild in carrying forward a special adventure of their own. Splurge on a once in a life time theatre performance, or treat yourself to season tickets to your favourite opera or ballet company. Between the 11th of October the 27th of December , there will be encouraging developments in your efforts in regard to education.

There will be harmony in your romantic relationship. You will see positive developments from your child. You may also benefit in the share market. Those into sports will succeed too. Matters related to ancestral property will get settled. Your health will be fine. You may get an opportunity to go on a foreign trip. Respect your guru teacher. You may have an upgrade at home, as this position shows new possibilities into your living situation, and with family.

Jupiter in Aries

You will increase your family, or spend on a luxury addition to your home. A move, renovation or relocation is also likely to happen. This transit can bring a good progress in your personal life. This phase will bring you closer to your family and history so you may spend more time with your extended family, or go deep into your roots by exploring your ancestry.

It is likely that you may travel to your home town or visit a location related to your family history. This transit will pass through your 3rd house. You will enjoy positive developments in the areas of movable and immovable property between the 11th of October the 27th of December Your relationship with your mother will be good. Those pursuing a higher education will make good progress.

Your married and personal life will be blissful.

Jupiter Retrograde Meaning & More

You will get fame in the public life. The relationship between you and your partners will get better. Touch the feet of your parents before you start the day in the morning. Good Communication and self-expression will be your secret to success. You are going to learn new ways to share your thoughts and ideas, and may find a larger audience interested in what you have to say. Strategies in communication may interest you or you may spend lavishly and upgrade your phone or other tech devices. Learning, study, research and teaching. You can take the course, go on the trip, and listen to the wise words of others.

You are quite thoughtful and analytical and your ideas and suggestions can be pure brilliance. Between the 11th of October the 27th of December , your bond with friends will get stronger. You may go on short trips. You will share a good equation with your younger siblings. You will stand to benefit from your maternal side. You will enjoy good health. You should worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

Give charity to Brahmins. You can make your business rock. You will have many incidents of good and nice things in your life. Your competitors will not be able to fight you. Those of you who are into performing arts, occult etc are going to have a good time. You should go to doctor even at slight instance. You should not ignore medication. In star of mercury you will get divine blessings and will tend to shift towards spirituality and salvation. You are likely to gain through religion and religious activities. You will make gains through helping people in need.

You may become popular and will be helping those who are in need. You will have the support from divine agencies but health is one thing which may put you under observation in some hospital. Happiness in your family will increase between the 11th of October and the 27th of December You will face a financial growth. Your romantic relationship will bring you success. You will make gains in the share market. Those into sports activities will succeed as well. Make necessary donations to students.

You will be your own secret weapon, see the stars. This is the time to carry forward a pet project or finally move ahead with plans around health and fitness. You may change your appearance or style.

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If so, it goes hand in hand with a shift in attitude and perspective. Actions will lead to results now so put a special adventure on the agenda. Jupiter is the Lord of the 1st and the 4th house for Sagittarius natives and it will transit in your 12th house as per Jupiter in Scorpio. You will feel strong both in mind and body between the 11th of October and the 27th of December You will see positive developments in the context of movable and immovable properties. Those pursuing a higher education will do well. Gift yellow coloured clothes to your elders. Worshiping Lord Vishnu will work best for you.

As per the stars, time out and being by yourself is your personal secret to success. You will be reflective, or finally take that sabbatical you have been dreaming about. An excursion or a relaxing trip can recharge you deep inside your spirit. A longer 12 year cycle is ending, and you are ready to release your baggage, emotion and fear. Take time and sit quietly. You will be very productive when working alone or in a secluded setting.

Your personal life will be less busy, as you may not want socialising or large family events. Instead,you should pursue a path — at work or in life — that feels like a calling. The equation with your younger siblings will get better between the 11th of October and the 27th of December You will experience more activities and have a better relationship.

You may go on a long pilgrimage or other long-distanced travel.

Jupiter in Aries

Do you want to know if your money will grow? Your networks and any organisations to which you belong will be the secrets to success. Friends will provide you clues to job offers, dating prospects or timely support. You will meet a benefactor who may provide you a helping hand, or discover the many benefits of membership in a prestigious community. Happy events with friends are going to happen. This transit will also form a double luck combination; help or support will be there should you need it. Jupiter is the Lord of your 2nd and the 11th house. During Jupiter in Scorpio, it will transit in your 10th house.

This transit will bless you with harmony in your family especially between the 11th of October and the 27th of December You will also make gains on the financial front. Your elder sibling will benefit as well. You will get more communicative, which will strengthen your bonds. You will do well in your professional life. In order to make the most of this Jupiter transit, you should make donations to Brahmins and those who recite Vedas. You have the divine permission to chase your dreams in profession. You will reach new heights in your career. You will also consider a lucrative offer, or find that you have been nominated for a prestigious award.

Accomplishments and success in your public life or at work are likely. The sign immediately preceding it is Leo, owned by the Sun, who happens to be a great friend of Mars. Needless to say, Mars feels as good as exalted in the sign of Leo. Venus becomes debilitated in the earth sign Virgo. The sign following Virgo happens to be its own sign Libra. Mercury becomes debilitated in the sign of Pisces. Mercury is a calculator who deals in concrete pros and cons and likes to communicate.

In the dream land of Pisces, it feels overwhelmed and lost. After visiting Pisces, Mercury feels excited to be able to enter the fiery sign of Aries, owned by Mars.

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In Aries, Mercury should then be able to take risks and travel in lightening speed. Saturn gets debilitated in the fiery, fast moving, dominating leadership sign of Aries. He moves slowly and hence he feels bad when inside the impulsive, fast moving home of Mars. After getting released here, he finds solace in the friendly house of Taurus. Here he will likely confer as good results as in the sign of Libra. Moon gets debilitated in the watery, deep, fixed house of Mars. After getting released from Scorpio, purgatory Moon feels great in the home sign of friend, Jupiter. Moon has just left the fixed, karmic water sign for Sagittarius, the feel good sign of his friend.

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So from feeling vulnerable, the Moon can go to feeling optimistic and expansive.