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Nika Shakhnazarova. Mystic Meg October 7: The plans you make with a partner give you so much to look forward to. They have to steer clear of symbiotic bonds and give enough room for their partner to build their own world in every area of life, have enough time alone, and breathe.

Scorpio Dates of Birth

If a Scorpio jumps into their obsessive mood, they fail to see that this pushes their loved one away, creating too much pressure and taking away the magic out of love they fight for with such intensity. In the end, this can lead to hurt and suffering, but the only thing causing it turns out to be their desire. As parents - these individuals get flooded by feelings and swept away by the power of blood bonds.

The greatest challenge they have to face in parenthood is fear of being let down or left alone. They have to give room and leave decision-making to their children from the start, while accepting the fact that they were made to fly away from the family nest, and at the same time not feel hurt by this fact.

What are the Scorpio dates of birth?

In time, this inner conflict gets stronger, and even though they might even lack attachment in relation to the baby, with time, they can tie themselves into a knot with a grown child. As children - a Scorpio is often quiet and reserved, even though they can go to other extremes and become aggressive if their family circumstances are not tender and caring enough. As soon as they learn how to express their first emotions, these individuals will be intense and often misunderstood by their parents and other children. They need an emotionally stable parent, usually mother, in order to learn how to name and show how they feel.

In general, little Scorpios are not high maintenance and they will be easily satisfied when it comes to basic physical needs. They will, however, present an emotional challenge, and sometimes rush into danger without a clear image of possible consequences.

Scorpio Personality: October 23 - November 21 | HowStuffWorks

The most passionate of all signs, Scorpio is the pool of deepest emotion, sexuality and primal instincts. It is not easy to carry around that sort of energy, control it, and be calm about their feelings as some other signs might be.

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The flexible Scorpio's energy is unafraid of changes and can easily adapt and reinvent itself to fit whatever situation or life cycle it's currently in. This sign is also represented by life, death, and resurrection. You can't keep a Scorpio down.

Scorpio Compatibility with Other Signs

Love is probably where Scorpios are most misunderstood. The Scorpio longs for commitment and intimacy, but at the same time is secretly afraid of these things. They have a difficult time opening up romantically and showing vulnerability, which can become a huge obstacle to finding a partner. If there's any sign that can break through a Scorpio's barriers , it's a Cancer. Although Scorpio and Cancer are two very different signs, their differences end up complimenting each other instead of causing problems.

Cancers are softer by nature, which works in both sign's favors. The powerful Scorpio will always make sure the Cancer feels protected and safe. A Cancer likes to please and shares the Scorpio's importance for devotion. This also helps with Scorpio's jealous streak. They will never doubt Cancer's devotion to their relationship. However, this union can get a little tricky. Ultimately, if Scorpio and Cancer work hard to keep these issues under control, their union can become one that withstands the test of time. They not only have the drive to succeed but also work hard to gain a good reputation.

Scorpios would make excellent doctors or surgeons. They will also do well in any kind of leadership position that allows them to be the ones in control and in charge of making decisions. Scorpios are also well-suited in the scientific field or as researchers.