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Although there are people darkened by its rule or position close to the ascendant, reaching it and feeling its effects every day would be more than finding the point of enlightenment. It would be presented through our ability to ground any dream we have in an instant, ruling both time and space, and overcoming death itself.

Forecasting, prediction and death

If there was a devil in your chart, it would be presented by Pluto for sure, and from the house it resides in, you will see where you can search to find it. Depending on our greatest fear, Pluto will manifest as possessive behavior, jealousy, destruction, and our deepest and darkest inner anomalies and impulses. It is us beyond instinctive, triggered by dismissal, judgment, and deep repression that rules our entire existence.

If the setting of Pluto is strong and its aspects good, we will see it representing regeneration, transformation and the atomic energy we carry within. It will show us all our own way towards deep change, one we might think we are afraid of, or put true healers and liberty-chasers in our path.

It is the energy compressed into one point, and represents the core of planet Earth. If we get in touch with it, we will realize that our lives are fully our own responsibility, and that nothing is impossible in our realities, not even overcoming death. The sense of protection found in our relationship with food affects us on numerous levels, and Venus and Jupiter will protect us from pain in any way possible. In the eyes of current positioning of Mars in Cancer, we are to see how the energy can be brought to life and transformed into its most potent state.

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Donna Cunningham had better read the ethics codes of major astrological associations which prohibit death prediction. Or anything else liable to scare the bejeezus out of someone. We should all realize that we could die at any time. Make sure our papers and finances are in order, and frequently tell people we care about that we love them. Traditional astrologers had different methods for predicting death a hot topic when most people didn't live very long. They did not agree on the correct technique, and some famous predictions by leading astrologers were wrong.

The quincunx has been around for a long time. It indicates adjustment. As such, it does suggest the effect of a loved one's death on the survivors.

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The movement of a planet into the 8th house may indicate that the person is thinking about death. Which naturally would happen when a loved one dies. My Pluto has never been anywhere near my 8th house, however, yet both my parents had died when I was in my mids. All of my grandparents had died by the time I was in my early 20s. I don't really take quincunx in my calculations. Also I would like to ask if other astrologers think it important to take a quincunx with the last outer planet as important.

Quincunx is a very minor aspect, and I have found the sextile to be more important than the quincunx. And in a general way I feel that pluto in any house only shows intensity of purpose for that particular house. Comments would be appreciated. Originally Posted by Likeavirgin. Originally Posted by sethi. The most recognizable aspects out of all the aspects are The square especially if saturn and mars are involved.

The opposition saturn and moon involvement. The sextile has been traditionally said to be similar in influence to the trine, but of less significance. It indicates ease of communication between the two elements involved" I have found that you can't expect anything major good to happen while interpreting for a sextile. Only minor things, as pointed out above , ease of communication. It cannot really compare to a trine. I simply don't use "semi sextile" at all.

And this is my experience and not related to old astrology or new astrology. Of course others may disagree. But I would say "to each his own". You have your experiences and I have mine. Last edited by sethi; at AM. Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.

I wouldn't put the quincunx right up there with the conjunction and major aspects, but I think it does have an effect. In transits it indicates some sort of adjustment. In natal charts, it doesn't have the tension-filled call-to-action of the square, nor the easy flow of the trine. So it lives in the world of uncertainty and worry. You have to use a narrow orb.

Pluto in the Complete Horoscope

At degrees you have a tri-septile. At degrees, you have a bi-quintile. Septiles live in a more passive, subjective, but spiritual realm. Quintiles are more active, indicating some talent and the ambition to make use of them. Put two quincunxes together with a sextile between them and you have a yod. This focalizes the planet at the tip of the triangle. Alice McDermott. Originally Posted by BobZemco.

Those are minor aspects. I don't see how you could possibly justify a minor aspect such a momentous event. A quincunx is actually no aspect all. That's what we call "reaching" to coerce a chart to say something it doesn't. Find all posts by Alice McDermott. Also, interestingly, transiting Pluto was semisquare natal Venus, the ruler of the natal 4th house, with an orb of 0. In transits the semisquares and sesiquadrates are as powerful as squares and often strong triggers for events.

This same Pluto was quincunx the 4th cusp of Prince William's natal chart, with an orb of 0. So both boys were receiving a quite powerful Pluto transit involving the 4th house. Naturally other factors were also in play that described this enormous event, but Pluto was very much there, as it usually is in very intense events. Originally Posted by Alice McDermott.

I must say I completely disagree. In my experience the quincunx is always present in times of major changes - birth, marriage, travel, moving house Attached Images Cobain Transits. Alice I think your theory has merit, even my old astrology teacher said it has something to do with quincunxs, regarding death. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Contact Us - AstrologyWeekly. Boards' structure and all posts are property of AstrologyWeekly. No part of the messages sent on these boards may be copied without their owners' explicit consent.

User Name. Remember Me? Have you read the FAQ? Death of a parent and Pluto transits. Transits Transits are the most used predictive astrology technique. Page 1 of 3.

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Thread Tools. Flowergirl Senior Member. Join Date: Dec Posts: Death of a parent and Pluto transits Hi, I have been curious about this for a while. Find all posts by Flowergirl. BobZemco Senior Member. Join Date: Aug Location: On a web-site far, far away Posts: 2, Originally Posted by Flowergirl I've heard that Pluto transits to Sun or Moon in the child's chart could be indicative of the natural death of a parent.

Find all posts by BobZemco. Re: Death of a parent and Pluto transits Hi Flowergirl. Find all posts by miquar. Join Date: Aug Posts: Re: Death of a parent and Pluto transits Hi Flowergirl, My father died of natural cause about a month ago. Find all posts by lostris. Re: Death of a parent and Pluto transits personally, I do think there could be possibly be a correlation between pluto.

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Find all posts by astrologer Re: Death of a parent and Pluto transits flowergirl, it may help to reason through your question. Find all posts by waybread. Re: Death of a parent and Pluto transits Thank you for everyone's responses. Quote: Originally Posted by miquar I remember reading something by Donna Cunningham, where she talks about the taboo in modern astrology of predicting the deaths of even the very elderly.

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Re: Death of a parent and Pluto transits Quote: Originally Posted by miquar Transiting Pluto was less than half a degree separating from a quincunx to her natal Jupiter. Originally Posted by lostris Transiting pluto semisquare my natal sun. Originally Posted by astrologer50 My father died when conj MC retrograde hit. Likeavirgin Junior Member. Join Date: Sep Posts: 3. Re: Death of a parent and Pluto transits All I can add is that my grandfather passed away last year exactly - to the day - as transiting Pluto was entering my 8th house.

Find all posts by Likeavirgin. Re: Death of a parent and Pluto transits bob, Quote: The 10th House would be your father's derived 7th House, which is a House of Death just like the 4th and 8th Houses because the 7th House opposes the Ascendant.