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September 13 Updated. September 12 Updated. September 11 Updated. As one of the zodiac's "cardinal" signs you enjoy a challenge and what happens today will push you to your limits and beyond. Don't be too much of an individualist though: You'll achieve more in the long-term if you work as part of a team.

Don't worry too much if someone you are fond of seems to be avoiding you. Most likely they have a few issues to deal with, none of which directly involve you. Give them the time and space they need and very soon you'll be together again. Some things take years to change, while others change in the blink of an eye.


What changes today may catch you unprepared but you are flexible enough to adapt to the new reality. Others won't be so fortunate, so help them if you can. You are all business at the moment and that's good because there are a number of opportunities to take advantage of.

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Do what you have to do and do it quicker than anyone else. And once you are ahead of the game make sure you stay there. Events on the work front may not be entirely to your liking over the next few days but you cannot change them so you will have to adapt. Deep down you know these changes have been on the cards for some time. You're not really surprised. You will get major tasks done with ease over the next 24 hours and others will wonder where you get your energy from. It comes from having a passion that keeps you motivated and moving forward. Don't ever lose it — it's what makes you special.

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