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This temporal distance is trisected, and in this way the cusps of [11] and [12] are obtained from the respective Ascendants see figure on the left. The cusps of [2] and [3] are formed in a similar way using the distance to the IC. To put it differently: The cusp of [12] is the point on the ecliptic that has been above the horizon for one third of the time that the Midheaven degree has been above the horizon. Similarly, the cusp of [11] has been above the horizon for two-thirds of that time from Wikipedia. Porphyry — Here, the space between the Ascendant and MC angles is divided into three equal parts.

Only Zodiac Sign based house systems See below are possible from that latitude North. Which house system to use if planets change houses: All house systems have their valid references. Zodiac Sign based House Systems where houses are aligned in greater precision with the 30 degrees size of signs. There are 12 houses in the zodiac. These are what they mean, what they stand for, and the exact areas of life they govern.

F.A.Q: What house system should I use?

The first house is the house that governs, well Your physical appearance, the image you project to others, the first impression you make and the way you begin new things. It also rules your defense mechanisms and relationship to new environments, since those are generally a mechanism of the ego and your surface self.

If you have the planet of Uranus planet of rebellion in your first house, you probably dress or act in an odd or rebellious way that makes you stand out from the crowd. Johnny Depp and Kurt Cobain both have or had Uranus in the first house. This is the house of money and material possessions. This includes your finances, your belongings, and your relationship to the things that you own.

For example, if your horoscope says the planet Venus the planet of money is going retrograde slowing down in your Second House income sector , it's like a warning to prepare for some difficulty making any fast cash. This includes your siblings and cousins, neighbors, your early environment, and early education.

The third house also rules our thoughts and the way we put them out into the world, either in writing, speaking, media, or communication arts. This includes your family, your roots, your sense of security, and your relationship to your mother or your more "maternal" caregiver. This house also governs your psychological relationship to your roots, your connection to your past and your ancestry, our domestic life, and real estate endeavors.

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The fifth house is the house of playfulness, joy, creativity, pleasure, and romance. That could include gambling, attitudes toward romance, and attitudes toward having fun. Placidus has a very intriguing potential use. An intriguing thing about Placidus is that it interfaces perfectly with planetary hours.

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If you divide each Placidus house in half, you can figure out what planetary hour you were born in, depending on the position of the Sun. It seems then that the most obvious application of Placidus is as a kind of horizonal system of terms or bounds, with each sector relating to its planetary hour ruler. An hour system, like this:. I was born on a Venus day and a Jupiter hour.

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You can tell this from the fact that the 1st hour after the Ascendant is a Venus hour, and my Sun is in a Jupiter hour. But what if the other planets in other hours have some kind of meaning as well? This is, I think, a more fully realized purpose for Placidus divisions which is intricately related to their unique calculation, rather than for topical houses.

So you can see how this allows different divisions to be used together, because they can all measure different things. An excellent post Patrick. If anyone you know is confused about house systems, send them this article. Thank you Jay! I should say though that these are my own views and probably do not reflect the opinions of everyone in the astrological community or among professional astrologers necessarily.

Out of all the astrologers I follow online, and particularly on Twitter, you are my favourite. Your articles are always articulate, insightful, intelligent, and funny. Thank you so so so much for the awesome comment and your generous support of my Patreon. That inspires me to keep doing the best work I can. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content. Where do Houses come from? The places ahead of each angle represent conditions prior to that stage in life indicated by the angle, the places following each angle represent conditions past that stage in life indicated by the angle.

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These dynamics surrounding each angle provide a purely astronomical basis for house meanings. Horizonal Position Houses above the horizon are about intangible things of the mind or spirit, whereas houses below the horizon, effectively through the ground below, are about tangible, physical things of the body or matter. Many of the planetary and sign placements in the Thema Mundi are suggestive of topics associated with those places. Exaltations are a blend of planetary, zodiacal and horizonal concepts, and are therefore relevant to the interpretation of houses.

Similarly, the exaltations of the planets in the Thema Mundi are suggestive of the topics associated with those places. Counter-argument: ::incoherent grumbling:: Counter-counter-argument: sorrynotsorry Why else are there 12 houses, if not to describe the 12 places each of the 12 signs can be when one of them is rising?

No intercepted houses to worry about. What if new house systems since then are better? Appreciating this house system in its historical context is important because we can contextualize fundamental rationales underlying different house systems, and whether they are departures or in the same vein.