By using date of birth 6 november numerology

You like to sacrifice your things for the sake of others especially for your relatives and parents but as a rule you have someone to support or acre for. You may expect to meet with many difficulties and hard ship in the early part of your life. There is also a possibility that you may lose your parent in your childhood and it may be a great loss for your whole life. This incident may throws responsibilities on your shoulder and hold you back in following your ambition. You also meet some disappointment and trouble in the fields of your love affair and any kind of affectionate relationship.

You like to hold a strong social position. You have the hobby to maintain your pet and birds. But you are advised to be very selective before choosing your pets and birds. You may follow a life in accordance with the wishes of others. You will be disposed to marry early, generally to someone beneath your station and so make trouble for yourself in the very beginning. Due to your reserved and less talking attitude, you may not able to make a huge number of friends. But you are advised to be very careful before selecting your friends because there is a huge possibility that you may be harmed by your surroundings.

The peoples, who are born on the month of May, may able to match their views with you and these persons will always try to help you out from every kind difficulties at your life. But the persons, who are boner on the month of September and last week of October, will never able to match their point of views with yours.

Some of these persons will always try to take undue advantages from you. So try to avoid them. So be happy with them. You should take exceptional care of your eyes and if you have to wear glasses, you should have them change often, so as not to strain your eyes sight. So you are advised to be in regular check up of eyes. You may have very wiry constitution, capable of sustaining long period of fatigue. You dont have enough capability to fight against any ailments because you dont have possessed sufficient immunity power.

For this reason you are very proneness of cold and cough. In health you may be inclined to have periodical break down from over work or exhaustion of the nervous system.

⑰ Numerology Number 17. Secrets of your Birthday

There is a possibility that you may suffer from severe head ache, neuralgia, neuritis and trouble with the lungs or breathing in general. So take care of yourself very carefully. All shades of green are the favourable colour for those who are working in the business field.

November 6 Zodiac

Those, who are suffering from the nervous break-down, are advised to use the dresses related colour of white because this colour may give you a mental peace and pleasure. Yellow is favourable colour for the students. If you have the any serious interview related to the new job, you must wear the dresses with the colour of orange. This colour may give you a proper luck and fortune. The persons who are related to the fields of architecture, they may use the cloths of brown colour at their important dates.

All light colours with glistening materials may be fortunate for those who are related to fields of self financed projects. You may also use all shades of grey colour also favourable for you. You are more or less fortunate in terms financial matter. You may be careful in speculation, investing your money in solid concerns and building up industry and business. You may have to depend largely on your own effort to make money which you could do by the constructive work.

You may always be more successful when working alone. You may be liable to meet with treachery from employees, servant and even from the inferiors. You will be fortunate in investments and in finance generally, especially if you follow your own intuition. You may be lucky in partnership or in business investments in matters dealing with the public. But it is also true that you could make a success in your financial condition as a banker also. You may at times have stroke so good luck but as a rule you cannot put money aside for your advanced years. You have a run of good fortune that you may protect yourself from any kind of difficult situations relate to your economic condition with the help of your intellectual ability.

You may receive help and assistance from your relatives or from your friends in your moment of difficulty. Dont needed to lend money to others and dont borrow money from others. The career of the students is more or less favourable to them. But they need to be more careful and attentive towards their studies because there is a possibility that their career as a student will hamper due to the unnecessary affection towards the evil companies and opposite gender.

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If you want to make your career flourished in proper sense, you have to avoid all kinds of gambling and smoking and alcoholic stuffs. You have a great love for book especially in literature and history. So you may try your hand in these fields. You should try to follow some diplomatic, artistic or professional occupation to flourish your career. But the important thing is that you need to wait up to the end of your first phase of life to achieve the success of your career.

YEAR Person Born on November 6th If you are born on November 6th then Astrology or numerology can predicts many information about you as every year on November 6th Sun will be in same position. Every planets has different frequency and take more or less time to revolve around Sun compared to earth , hence all the other planet will be in different location every year on November 6th. Sun is the most powerful among all other powers hence Being Sun on a fixed location on November 6th on your birth date, a lot can be predicted about you from your horoscope or kundali..

Numerological Personality Traits of People Born on November 6th

Characteristics: You possess a strong talent in the direction of an artistic life. Friends: Due to your reserved and less talking attitude, you may not able to make a huge number of friends. Health: You should take exceptional care of your eyes and if you have to wear glasses, you should have them change often, so as not to strain your eyes sight.

Colour: All shades of green are the favourable colour for those who are working in the business field. November 6 Zodiac Type: There are 5 main types of Scorpios, each with their own shade of Scorpioness.

Work & Career

Born between Nov. You are deeper and darker than the most Scorpios. Your intensity is like diamond. This hard energy gives you a mental toughness that is stronger than most mortals. You can move mountains if you set your mind to it. But as people get to know you better, over time, they discover how special you are. The downside of all that energy is the potential for it to get poisoned. It can lead you lead you down shadowy paths. Your thoughts can fixate on negative themes.

You can make faulty decisions that cause problems later in your life. You are good with people. You resolve conflicts well. You want to help others. Yet at the same time you are sensitive to the cruelty of the world and others. This sensitivity can damage you emotionally.

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Your need to help others might lead you to charities or healing. Your determination will make you a success in such activities. You could become a charity founder or doctor.

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Or, your dark Scorpio energies could lead you to join more dangerous groups. Specific 6th November Zodiac Personality Traits: Emotions: You feel everything strongly, but find it difficult to express. Love for you is the strongest love; hate is the strongest hate. Only the most observant people notice the powerful emotions within you. When this occurs you will express intense joy or rage.

This is less likely to happen in social situations, than for many Scorpios.

November 6 Zodiac Birthday - All You Need to Know

You have a better understanding of relationships. Because you socialize more than the average Scorpio, and the insults of unkind people sink into you, and because as a Scorpio you are prone to accumulate your emotional hurts -you will suppress a lot of emotion.

A person on born on the 6th Nov should learn to empty that emotion in private. Shouting at the walls in rage, or beating a pillow can release emotion. It allows you to understand people better, and help them more easily. So, vent those dark feelings often, o risk hurting damaging the friendships you crave.

Leaders: Good leaders have drive, self-assuredness and a good conscience. These are all qualities you possess. Your determination shines like a beacon to those that have less direction in life. Your gift for relationships can lead you to be a charismatic leader of for Humane causes. In Victorian times you might have become a suffragette leader, or hospice developer for the poor. Your leadership skills are less useful in a office job. Giving employees simple targets and deadlines is not good for you. Such negative emotions can damage your relationships.

Revenge: You have a sting in the tail, because your fine memory combines with buried feelings, in a negative way. You dwell on spoken barbs made against you, and magnify them out of proportion. Such inflamed feelings can lead you to take revenge. Possibly a little more revenge than is really fair.