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H Bhattarwho can help in guiding through problems.

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Some lovers will be very possessive because they love their spouse so much. Some people feel proud, but some people get irritated by once possessive character. The jealous feeling will create negative feelings on other people. It will destroy all growth of that people and make them low in their life.

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H Bhattar, he carries out your problems and solves it through astrology. He Controls your negative feelings with the knowledge of astrology and gives a positive life. No other astrologer is unique as our astrologer Pandith L. He satisfies his followers with his immense knowledge of astrology and he fully fledged with lots of Vedic mantras.

He loves to service his customers with lots of interest and through his astrology skills.

Black magic removal is a very sensitive process because it wants to be handling carefully. H Bhattaruses his best astrology knowledge to reduce the black magic event. Black magic destroys your health problem also and bring your mental health to bad stage. Physical problems and mental problem may can be cured by any astrologer but will be perfectly cured by Pandith Sri L. H Bhattaronly. H Bhattar is really will give big change in your life. Your aura will get pure by the help of psychic reading and your future life will get tuned to good life by taking the psychic reading method.

Health, love, marriage will go smoothly with the help of Pandith Sri L. H Bhattar and he can take care your life to be happy. His remedies will be very fast and permanent solution. Through his dynamic knowledge he secures your lost love and gives it to you without any damage. Lovers want to have their patience with them in any situations and you can live with your past lover soon.

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Disputes between any couple want to be controlled in starting stage itself. Nowadays people are very fast in taking their love resolution. H Bhattar right away. With the powerful advice of Pandith L. The workshop has been organised and coordinated by Komilla Sutton, a UK-based astrologer, who has been practising astrology in the UK and US since Besides Kerala astrology, classes on Sanskrit verses and yoga were also held, Sutton said.

Kerala astrology was widely appreciated by the delegates, she added. Alexander from Latvia, who practises astrology full time, said there was huge interest in this ancient science in his country.

Sutton told PTI that there was scepticism earlier about Indian astrology, but there was 'deep interest' too. Westerners are interested in astrology as they are interested in Indian philosophy and spirituality, she said. For them, it is a spiritual journey to know themselves. For her, astrology was always a source of fascination which started off as a hobby.

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The interest on Indian astrology began during the eighties and could be attributed to gurus like the late Mahesh Yogi, she said. Sutton, who is also an astrology teacher, said 18 practising astrologers and researchers from 12 countries, including Wilfredo from Puerto Rico and Keiko Ito from Japan, were here for the workship. The next workshop, to be held in , will be on 'Shani' Saturn , Sutton said.

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Become a member. Mail This Article. An astrological chart prepared based on date, time and place of birth is called horoscope; where all planetary positions in the solar system are mentioned with all mathematical details precisely. Based on planetary positions, its strength, weakness, aspects, nature etc. In addition, appropriate guidance is provided on the following aspects of life based on your own strength, weakness, good and bad tendencies, good and bad deeds etc.

No karmic debt in the universe ever goes unpaid. Prasna is a Sanskrit word, which means a question or query.

Prasna Horary Astrology is one of the closely guarded ancient Vedic Astrology diagnosing techniques, which is being widely practiced in Kerala for giving insight into the current moment and near future. Tambula Prasna is a multifaceted analysing process in Astrology; widely followed in Kerala.

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