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All the books by CCZain, for example, were deeply influential. Three aspects of astrology really came to my attention in a big way from an early stage. First the degree influences derived from the work of Maurice Wemyss - 'The Wheel of Life or Scientific Astrology', in 5 volumes published in the 30s and which I have thoroughly absorbed, studied and applied.

Wemyss' books are wonderful works, containing masses of data and many quirky ideas, but also blessed with numerous insights.

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In my opinion, he is by far one of the most thorough, scientific and reliable sources in the entire subject. Second, the theory of location which is an aspect of mundane or political astrology. Third, 'combos', which also derives in part from location astrology, but which is a system in itself of complex inter-relationships between signs, planets and houses. Briefly, a combo is a way of seeing mars in Taurus, for example, Venus in Aries, a Venus mars conjunction, mars in the second house or Venus in the ascendant as much the same basic thing.

If you then multiply this idea across the planets and signs and houses, you can begin to see the complexity and potential the idea has for chart interpretation.

It maximises the inter-connectedness and reciprocation within a chart and points up numerous interesting new parallels and cross-links which are simply not visible by any other means. Being also a Buddhist, I have long been intrigued by the question of the astrology of rebirth, and in worked out a complete system which goes some way to provide a mechanism for the astrology of rebirth. I make no apology for the fact that most of my ideas have been derived from studying charts and are thus evidence-driven rather than deriving from theoretical ideas alone.

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  • I think it is very important to develop ideas in this way: only from very thorough immersion in the data of charts can the truth be known. All in all I have laboured hardest at collecting and studying charts of events and people. That forms the sound basis for everything I know. Any theoretical ideas or techniques have been absorbed along the way from various sources especially Wemyss , but only those ideas I have been able to confirm for myself have been retained as workable and therefore valid.

    A New Vision of Astrology

    The rest have been discarded in whole or part along the way, or have not yet been assessed. At a very early stage I had difficulty deciding what the many different elements of a chart actually signify. In the case of my own chart - which inevitably forms the natural starting point for most people - I would wonder what being a Gemini means.

    And I would look at my own life and disposition, and my life from an early stage, to figure out the answers.

    Venus enters Scorpio

    Only in this way, by contemplating the contents of the chart and reflecting on life, can one begin to make the subtle and complex bridge from charts to people. So, very gradually in this way, I built up a fair grasp of the subject. Then, when we move to other charts, like exploring new and uncharted seas, we discover totally alien planetary configurations and we can match them up with aspects of the person's mentality and life events. Proceeding in this manner, one builds firmly upon one's old experience and makes good progress in one's understanding of the subject.

    Astrology is a vast science embracing many other disciplines. Sag is the wandering student of the zodiac, constantly seeking out new experiences to find enlightenment. Your ninth house guides travel and wanderlust, as well as internal self-discovery. Either way, your ninth house is here to open you up to new ways of viewing the world.

    The Planets

    Governs: Career. The house of the midheaven is basically here to help you live your best life. Governs: Friendships. Governs: Troubles. The twelfth house is another doozy. Have you taken a look to see where each house falls in your natal chart?


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